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Computer Setup

Arrange to Move Computer Equipment

Our furniture installers are the best at what they do. By the same token they prefer to leave the moving and installation of computer equipment to those that specialize in that service. We can help you source that service if you desire. We will coordinate your computer installation with furniture for the least possible work interruption.

Office Organization

Free and Clear Rooms

Unless we’ve made special arrangements your installation quote assumes that the room will be clean and free and clear of old furniture and equipment. If you need out installers to remove old furniture let’s discuss and we’ll include that in your quote.

Computer & Data Cabling

Computer and data cabling arrangement

For your convenience we can contract to have your cabling done and include those charges on your furniture and installation quote.

Electricity Setup

Power your new furniture and systems

Our installers run the power through your new furniture and systems. Your electrician must connect it from the panels or furniture to the building. We can arrange with an electrician for an estimate if you prefer.

Installation is taxable

Sales tax will be added to the installation charges.

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